Tell Your Story

This blog is not about aeroplanes, it’s about what you do on aeroplanes.  It is about the thrill of flying, the whole start-of-holiday experience as you enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at the airport whilst waiting to board a plane, the service you get from experienced and caring staff on a quality carrier and, last but certainly not least, how you prepare for your short but hopefully memorable journey to your dream destination.

Maybe I’m just fortunate, but I find it difficult to relate to those who find travelling by air a nerve-wracking or fraught experience.  I can understand how it is possible to think too hard about what could happen if there was something wrong with the plane or an incident whilst in the air, but I guess part of my job as a hostess is to remind nervous passengers just how safe flying is.  After all, we do it several times a week and nothing terrible has ever become of us.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Of course, finding something to do on the plane can go a long way to taking your mind off things.  For me it is never too much trouble to have a brief and reassuring chat with an anxious flyer, and all the staff are mindful that creating an ambience will often provide a welcome distraction.

Help Me by Contributing to This Blog

Rest assured I’m going to be posting lots of interesting and unique material of my own up here about life in the sky with a respected airline of world renown.  But to keep it lively I would love to hear from other people too about their own experiences.  What I would really like to see is something about how you set about trying to look your best for a flight but I also welcome anecdotes and stories of all kinds.

The blog is doing really well, attracting a couple of thousand visits each month, and if you want to slot a discreet link to your own webpage into your article then I’m fine with that just so long as it isn’t spammy.  Naturally I reserve the right to correct any typos or errors but as a rule of thumb your item will appear as you wrote it.  Then you can either add your name to it to claim authorship or else I’ll be happy to publish it anonymously.  Use this blog to create a backlink to your own site whilst adding value to this one.

What I’m Looking For

About 500-750 words, generally speaking.  And of course it needs to be relevant to the broad subject of flying as a passenger on an airline, preferably a good one like mine.  You might wish to tell us how you dress for the occasion, how you like to look when you board a plane, whether you like to strike up a conversation – or more – with your fellow passengers.  Tell us all you want about what you get up to when you’re on that plane, and then tell us some more.